Saturday, July 30, 2005

It's the (lack of) money, stupid

I got stuck on adding more from Douglas's POV early on. I was trying to add much more about his debilitating crush for Jack Kerouac, but it should be mainly about the money. Douglas's unending fear of being thrown out of his family home for back taxes and for his ineffectuality as an innkeeper. All associated with a loss of status, even of identity. And the narrative should contain not a little unleashed resentment of his sister, whom he has helped out of one jam after another, often to his own detriment, not to mention his envy of people who have money, even a little, that permits them the ability to do whatever they want (within the limits of that time and place, Maine in 1957).

This is obvious to me, or should have been.

For quite a while I have seen the benefit of adding more to the story regarding the BEFORE of the new money that transforms the town and Douglas over the course of that summer. I haven't done enough with this thematic thread, and it will add a necessary toughening of Douglas's persona. The trick will be not to make his seem completely venal and quick to sacrifice everything on the altar of Mammon. I must build a better case for his liberation by new-found prosperity.


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