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Catch of the Day -- draft 1 begun Oct. 2, 2002

Catch of the Day


Terence Hughes

August 25, 2004

Revs. On Sept. 11, 2004

Sept. 19, 2004



Blogger Terence Hughes said...

Why am I doing this? Exposing my work, prematurely, to the waiting world? (Please note: I overdo the cheap ironies.) I figure my chances of being truly published are slim, what with the generally shitty market for fiction and the difficulty of snagging an agent. Better 15 nanoseconds of pseudo-fame than none at all.

This novel is the first I have attempted in a number of years. As both a return to something left off years earlier and a sign of my liberation from old inhibitions, it represents an important step for me.

Now, of course, I just want to be done.

Not so easily done. I am a middle-school teacher now, at 59, in one of the toughest parts of the Bronx, and in case no one ever told you this before, teaching is HARD work, physically demanding no less than emotionally (and it pays badly too--worse than you can know).

Well, enough whining. I will let the novel speak for itself, good or bad as it might be. (It's both, actually.) I'll try not to overexplain or analyse.

On with the show...

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